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Issues we now face because of the internet – combatting with

We know that technological advancement, especially the internet, has brought many issues to our children’s lives or at least enhanced underlying problems. Regarding education and learning, internet access has changed how students source information. Later in this blog, we will compare the main differences between pre-and post-internet education.The issuesWe are conscious of not continuously repeating […]

Typing for Students

Here at Zeeko, we speak to many schools weekly across Ireland and, in more recent years, across the globe. A topic that has been coming up recently is typing.  In today’s digital age, proficiency in typing has become an essential skill for students, playing a crucial role in their academic and future professional success. Learning […]

Screentime in Schools

We’re almost into the last quarter of 2023, and a topic we have seen being covered by the media is the excessive use of screens and digital devices among our students. Screen time in schools can be a valuable educational tool when used appropriately and in moderation. Schools need to have clear policies, provide guidance […]