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Becoming a Digital Learner – Learning with Tablets

A digital learner utilises digital technologies and resources to acquire knowledge and skills. Digital learning includes online courses, e-books, educational apps, interactive multimedia, virtual classrooms, and many more as the digital world expands. Digital learners often leverage the internet and digital devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones to access educational content anytime and anywhere. Digital […]

Snapchat: What Parents Need to Know

  Snapchat, it’s definitely a popular way of ‘chatting’ in the digital world. From our research conducted with kids in schools throughout the Country Snapchat consistently proves popular. In fact, in our most recent research it is in the top 3 of the most popular apps used by children at primary level and its popularity […]

Explaining Digital Footprint to Children

    If you asked a group of adults what they understand by the term digital footprint it’s likely that they would struggle to give an answer! So, it is little surprise that children struggle to grasp this concept. Most kids, understandably, don’t think of the long-term implications of what they are sharing today i.e. […]