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How Parents can Easily Monitor their Children’s Activity Online

The importance of internet safetyThe internet can be a great place for our children to learn, communicate with their friends and of course, is arguably one of the best sources of entertainment out there. We know that nowadays it’s normal to hand a child a device when we’re busy or when they simply need to

How to Implement Learning Skills into the Classroom

21st Century skills & learning skillsA changing world, requires new knowledge and skills for our children to live happy lives. 21st Century skills refer to the life and work skills and habits that are critically important to student success, especially as students move on to college, working life and adulthood.21st Century skills are furthermore broken

Profit Over People? What You Need To Know About The Facebook Whistleblower

Facebook is in the news again after a company whistle-blower came out with some shocking allegations against the social media giant. Former Facebook data scientist, Frances Haugen decided she had seen enough corruption while working at Facebook and wanted to do something about it. She spent months copying internal documents and reports so she could

What Are 21st Century Skills?

21st century skills form the foundation of what we do here at Zeeko. Our programmes, content and communications are all focused on empowering young people through 21st century skills so that they can go on to become successful active citizens in the future. However, while we know 21st century skills inside out, we realise that

Excessive Screentime Goes Down In 2020

The last two years have certainly seen some changes when it comes to our attitude and reliance on technology. For many of us, both adults and children, it has been our lifeline for work, school, social interactions, and more. At Zeeko, we were curious what effect this might be having on young people. Are young

Sharing Images Online – What Do You Need To Know?

In 2020 the President of Ireland signed into law a Bill criminalising the sharing of intimate images without the subject’s consent. Since February 9, 2021, these laws have been in place and enforced in Ireland. Here is everything you need to know about this law so that you can inform and educate your children.What is

Magical Leaders 2021 Update

It’s the start of a new school year and time to reflect. Looking back over the last year at Zeeko, we are so proud of the success of the Magical Leaders programme. In early 2021 we recognised the need for a programme that teaches 21st century skills to young people in a fun and engaging

Tips For Helping With Back To School Stress

The back to school season this year is completely different to anything we have previously dealt with. It is still uncertain how the next year will play out. After more than a year of back and forth, uncertainty and limited social interactions, it is no wonder students are feeling more anxious than ever about returning

10 Quick And Easy Social-Distance-Friendly Ice Breaker Activities

Planning for next term? Help your students get to know each other.Any secondary school teacher knows how important helping your students get to know each other is. Moving into secondary school is an exciting time. Students get to experience a whole new environment with the potential to make lots of new friends. However, as we

Is It Time To Refresh Your Transition Programme?

A report by Voice Community recently shared insights gathered from a pool of 600 teachers, teaching assistants, headteachers and early years practitioners. According to the report, “Mental health was the single biggest concern voiced by our members … It was clear that the impact of coronavirus would be felt for a long time and that

Talking to your students about screen time

For young people today, screens and the internet are part of the everyday. Many have never experienced a time without smartphones and personal computers in the home. Unfortunately, for something so embedded and necessary in our society, in general we do not have the best relationship with technology and screens. Too much screen time and

Online Gaming: Helping Kids Stay Safe

Online gaming is an area we hear regularly about from parents. They are genuinely concerned about what their children are experiencing and encountering when they are engaging in gaming online. So, what can parents do to help their kids stay safe if when they are gaming online? When it comes to any game your child