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Top 5 online Resources to increase your awareness of  cyber bullying and internet safety.

Cyber bullying and Internet safety! Internet safety is our central concern here at Zeeko, and cyber bullying is one of the top issues that arises in our seminars and advice sessions. We have all become more aware of bullying in schools, and rules are in place to help deal with that. And in recent years,


Tips on internet safety for kids! Did you know that if you innocently type in “Xxxxx” into your search browser you can be brought straight to sexually explicit material? We know this because a shocked parent told us at a recent Parents’ Crash Course how her 8-year-old landed on a set of explicit YouTube videos

Safety First

Children can easily stumble across adult advertising, sexually explicit images or violent content while online. This can be a frightening thought for parents. However, it is relatively easy to prevent by setting up safety settings on your child’s device. There is no technical solution that can 100% safeguard your child online but here are a couple

Digital Stranger Danger: When does this become a problem?

‘Talking Angela’ has become one of the focal points of Chatbudi Academy over the past few weeks. For those out there who haven’t had this story cross their radar, ‘Talking Angela’ is a child-friendly entertainment app. It is centred around a cat character, which the user plays with and talks to.   The app requests