Zeeko’s researchers are working on a series of outstanding projects that combine technological innovations with the educational needs of children, parents, and teachers. At the moment there are two multidisciplinary research teams in Zeeko which comprise of scientists, product designers and developers.
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Challenges and opportunities of VR technologies in education for children, parents, and teachers. (EU-funded project).

Virtual reality (VR) technologies will become increasingly popular in education, entertainment and training; therefore, we at Zeeko believe it is important to anticipate the impact that this emerging technology may have on our everyday lives (as has already happened with smart-phones). The majority of research emphasizes the positive aspects of VR, especially in education to foster learning processes; however very little is known about the ‘side effects’ of VR on children’s health and wellbeing. This EU-funded research project intends to explore the positive and negative aspects of VR usage in educational contexts (schools and families).

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Educational games and Internet safety- Appyness Online(EU-funded project)


Research is the key to understanding the perspective and behaviour of children when it comes to matters of internet safety. We update Zeeko education programmes with the latest research results. The results help us develop best practices in the prevention and dealing with online risks. Zeeko education is based on objective Irish digital trends.

Trend Report 2016-2018