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Internet Safety Guide

For Parents, Teachers And Schools To Empower Children To Safely Benefit From The Internet And Technology

The Zeeko Internet Safety Guide

The Zeeko Internet Safety Guide

This guide will help parents and teachers navigate the Internet and teach children how to use the Internet safely and responsibly.

Discover how to:

  • Set safety settings
  • Protect children's digital footprint
  • Talk children's language
  • Protect children against cyberbullying and stranger danger
  • Stop children from excessive internet use
  • Safeguard against inappropriate content
Download Our Internet Safety Book

Download Our Internet Safety Book




The Zeeko Internet Safety Guide provides tangible and specific advice on how parents, teachers, and others can protect children online, without unnecessarily impairing children's development.

Dr Grainne Kirwan,
Specialist in Cyber Psychology,

IADT, Dublin



It really opened my eyes to hear what children are seeing on the internet.

Lorna Henningan, Teacher
City Quay National School, Dublin