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Helping Kids Strike a Balance when it comes to Tech

Teaching kids the importance of creating a balance when it comes to their use of digital devices cannot be underestimated. It can be particularly challenging to promote a balance in the use of tech in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Read on for some advice on helping kids strike a healthy balance. Making sure

Put Online Safety First if you're Buying Tech for Kids!

With many online retailers offering discounts on technology at the moment our blog this week offers some tips on putting online safety top of your list. Digital devices can be a great gift but it’s important to always be conscious of the age appropriateness of such a device and also the messages you need to

Digital Assistants: Keeping Kids Safe

Are you being pestered to add a digital member to your household? Our blog this week looks at the role of digital assistants and how best to keep your child safe when it comes to using them. Digital assistants are a growing part of everyday life. These are better known by their titles, the most

Helping Kids Manage Their Screentime!

Managing screentime can be a real challenge, particularly at a time when we are being asked to spend more time at home. Our blog this week offers some tips on helping kids to create a balance when it comes to screens. The reality is that in this digital age screens are everywhere. Children could potentially

Teaching Kids to Identify Fake News!

As we all adjust to living with Covid-19 we are being encouraged to only engage with legitimate news sources. This is an ideal opportunity to teach your child about the importance of identifying fake news.   Developing the ability to decipher what is real from what is fake when it comes to online content is certainly

The Importance of Digital Health for Kids

The current pandemic has led to significant changes in the way we live and has also led to a focus on the importance of promoting health and wellbeing. A key element of this is undoubtedly digital health. Digital health focuses on creating a healthy balance in our use of technology. Obviously, being conscious of digital

Making a Digital Contract part of the New Routine

  As we all settle in to a very different academic year it may be an appropriate time of the year to consider creating a digital contract with your kids. It will help everyone to consider their use of tech, which is something which can get overlooked at such a hectic time of year. Read

Starting the Conversation about Staying Safe Online!

  There have been lots of changes in the lives of children and teenagers over the last number of months. Like all of us they have had to adjust to a new normal and now face into a very different new school term. There may be a lot of uncertainty around, but one thing does

Helping your Child to Stay Safe Online this Summer!

After a challenging number of months for everyone in Ireland, let’s hope long sunny days lie ahead and along with the sun another thing that can be guaranteed during the summer months, is that your child will want to spend some of their time using technology. So, here are some tips for what you can

Ways to Stay Connected to What your Child Does Online

It is likely that over the last number of months your children have been spending more time than usual online. While this is understandable given the role, technology has played in helping families to stay connected, it may be a good idea to review with your child what they are doing when the are online.

Teaching Teens about Digital Etiquette: Zeeko Tips

Helping your teenager to understand the importance of ‘digital etiquette’ is the focus of our blog this week. Here are some tips to you can pass on to your teen to help them to be more conscious of their online behaviour. Teach the “Grandma Rule”: As communication via social media becomes ingrained in our culture,

Zeeko Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Online!

While we are currently unable to deliver our seminars physically in schools due to the Covid-19 school closures we wanted to share some of the advice we  offer to parents when it comes to talking to their kids about staying safe online. This advice comes from the experience we have of listening to kids at