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How Magical Leaders improves digital Skills

What are digital skills?Digital skills are the ability to source, evaluate, organise, use, and communicate information that can be obtained from the internet or on a computer or a device. Since the first computer was invented, there has been a need for digitally skilled people to operate and work in roles where digital devices are

21st Century Skills and the impact they are having on our student’s education

21st-century skills are tools that can be applied universally to improve how we think, learn, work and live in the world. When we reflect on what school actually is, it’s preparing students for when they leave education. How we prepare them is to equip them with the skills they will need to become great citizens

How participation in Magical Leaders can help your child's mental health

The month of May is dedicated to raising awareness around mental health. With mental health issues continually increasing for our children and students, at Zeeko, we are always researching and looking for ways to support parents, teachers, students and children around these topics. According to Mental Health Ireland, 1 in 10 children will suffer from some

The Primary Curriculum Framework: An Overview of the New Primary Curriculum for Ireland

The Minister for Education Norma Foley has officially launched the new Primary Curriculum Framework for primary and special education schools. The framework was developed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, work that took six years to prepare, researched and designed using national and international research, reaching out to over 60 primary schools and

Are your children safe from online gaming addiction?

What is online gaming?   Online gaming is at an all-time high, with children now using devices before they even begin walking. Online gaming refers to any game played on a computer or device, generally over the internet. Last week, Ryan Tubrity on RTE Radio 1 dedicated a talk show segment to speaking about online

5 ways to help your child maintain their mental health over the summer holidays

Summer is coming! In our last blog, we spoke on how to maintain your child’s digital wellbeing. Here at Zeeko, we believe that digital well-being and mental health go hand in hand. However, digital well-being is just one aspect of positive mental health. There are many contributing factors, some of which become more prevalent over

5 ways to protect kids’ digital wellbeing over the summer months

 Summer is coming! Can you believe we are at that stage of the year now? For many of you who follow our weekly blog, it must be nice to go from the transition of the beginning of the school year, Christmas, Easter and now finally Summer. Although the thought of summer is exciting it can

Teaching Teamwork

What is teamwork? Teamwork teaches essential communication and social skills, such as active listening and effective speaking. When working as a team, students learn how to listen to their leaders and coaches in order to perform their individual roles. However, why is this important for our students to learn?Some students are introverts and working with others

Magical Leaders Past Teacher

There is a lot of interest in this year’s Magical Leaders programme. At Zeeko, we are delighted to have so many schools and teachers on board. We wanted to share with you this piece written by last year’s Magical Leaders teacher, Ronan Barrett from Rathfarnham Educate Together N.S.“I had visits from Zeeko in the past

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Internet and online safety is very important. Today we take a look further into how our kids can be safer on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.Instagram   Instagram is a social media app used to share photos, videos, and messages. The main features are, Stories, Feed/Grid posts, Instagram Live, and private messaging. Most people use Instagram

Teaching Innovation

 Innovation can be defined simply as a "new idea, device or method". However, innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, needs, or existing market needs. A person might often be described as innovative, but our question is can a student or child be taught how to be

Dyslexia and the Primary School Child

What is Dyslexia? There are many definitions of dyslexia but the one we use at Dyslexia Matters Ireland is the definition by the International Dyslexia Association. They say that dyslexia is characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition, poor spelling and decoding abilities.Dyslexia affects between 5-15% of the population (in Ireland we say around