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Press Release January 2018

Zeeko report shows Irish secondary school students 30% more likely to engage in sexting by the time they reach senior cycleDublin, 10th January. A risky form of online behaviour called sexting i.e. the act of exchanging sexually explicit content online in the form of images, videos and text has become a prominent feature of Irish

Press Release Nov 2017

Zeeko Secures €100,000 in Funding to Launch New Research Project on Virtual Reality and Children’s HealthDublin, Ireland 7 November 2017, Zeeko (www.zeeko.ie), an Irish EdTech start-up, today announced that it has secured just over €100,000 in funding through the Horizon 2020 SME Innovation Associate Programme.The company is using the funding to launch a new research

Press Release May 2017

Zeeko Confirms High Internet Usage in Ireland Among Young PeopleDublin, Ireland 17 May 2017, Today the World Health Organisation has suggested that a dramatic rise in the use of computers and social media is wreaking havoc on the health of young people.Zeeko, an Irish EdTech start-up which works with parents to teach their children to

Press Release January 2017

Zeeko Report Indicates Widespread Use of Mobile Devices by Primary School ChildrenDublin, 3rd January 2017. Zeeko an Irish-based company located at Nova UCD works to educate parents to teach their children to stay safe online. Zeeko, today, Tuesday, 3rd January, announced results of its second School Digital Trend Report. The digital trend report is based on the

Press Release January 2016

ZEEKO Achieves Crowdfunding Target in First WeekDublin, Ireland 8th January 2016, Zeeko, an Irish Start-Up based at Nova UCD which works to educate parents and teachers to teach their children to stay safe online, today, Friday, 8th January 2016 announced the successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign it launched earlier this week.Joe Kenny ,founder of

Press Release February 2022

Zeeko Announces Findings of Digital Behaviour Trends ResearchAhead of Safer Internet Day Zeeko has announced findings from its latest ‘Digital Behaviour Trends’ research. Among the findings, 15% of primary school children report that they have been cyberbullied.Zeeko, an Irish Ed-tech company, is a leader in internet safety for children in Ireland and is a NovaUCD

Practical tips for staying safe online

Being safe online is essential. We often relate being safe online to not speaking with strangers and cyberbullying. However, that is only one side of it. We have compiled a list of more technical things you can keep in mind to protect both you and your children while on the Internet.Don’t share personal informationThe most

How to be Well Digitally

 Digital wellbeing is a term used to describe the impact of technologies and digital services on people’s mental, physical, social, and emotional health. We are now more conscious of our mental health. The online world is a great place for both adults and students to learn. However, it often brings with it feelings of anxiousness and

What is Omegle?

 A site that has been around for years is Omegle. Unlike most sites and social media platforms, the novelty of this one doesn’t seem to be wearing off. The presenters of our Internet Safety seminars are asked frequently about this site, we thought it was worth putting the information we have into a blog to

5 ways to help your child maintain their mental health over the summer holidays

Summer is coming! In our last blog, we spoke on how to maintain your child’s digital wellbeing. Here at Zeeko, we believe that digital well-being and mental health go hand in hand. However, digital well-being is just one aspect of positive mental health. There are many contributing factors, some of which become more prevalent over

5 ways to protect kids’ digital wellbeing over the summer months

 Summer is coming! Can you believe we are at that stage of the year now? For many of you who follow our weekly blog, it must be nice to go from the transition of the beginning of the school year, Christmas, Easter and now finally Summer. Although the thought of summer is exciting it can

Teaching Teamwork

What is teamwork? Teamwork teaches essential communication and social skills, such as active listening and effective speaking. When working as a team, students learn how to listen to their leaders and coaches in order to perform their individual roles. However, why is this important for our students to learn?Some students are introverts and working with others