Here at Zeeko, we speak to many schools weekly across Ireland and, in more recent years, across the globe. A topic that has been coming up recently is typing.  In today's digital age, proficiency in typing has become an essential skill for students, playing a crucial role in their academic and future professional success. Learning to type efficiently enhances communication and fosters productivity, adaptability, and technological literacy.

Why is typing so important?

  1. Typing proficiency is essentially the input of information. With the prevalence of digital devices and the internet, students often need to compose essays, take notes, and conduct research online, if not now, definitely in the coming years.
  2. Mastering typing allows them to effortlessly translate their thoughts into written words, saving time and promoting a more streamlined workflow. 
  3. All careers now involve some level of computer use, and many jobs require employees to navigate digital platforms. 
  4. As technology advances, students with this skill can easily adapt to new devices and software. 
  5. Typing proficiency ensures students are well-equipped for the demands of the 21st-century workforce.

There are several platforms and software to help students learn to type correctly and effectively. We’ve gathered what we know on each of these platforms and presented it below.


Typetastic is a learning platform and software designed to teach students typing skills. It is often used in educational settings, including schools, to help students develop proficiency in keyboarding.

Typetastic offers a gamified approach to typing instruction, making the learning process engaging and interactive for students. The software often includes various typing games, exercises, and lessons to improve typing speed and accuracy. The gamification aspect is intended to make the learning experience enjoyable, motivating students to practice and refine their typing skills.


TypingClub is an online typing tutor and software platform designed to help users, including students and individuals of all ages, learn and improve their typing skills. It offers a comprehensive and interactive approach to touch typing education. It is used to integrate typing instruction into the curriculum. Users can create accounts to track their progress, and educators can manage classes and monitor their students’ typing development. is an online typing tutor platform designed to help users, especially students, learn and improve their typing skills. It provides a user-friendly interface with various features to make the typing learning experience engaging and effective.