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Talking to your Children about the Internet in a Language they Understand: The Zeeko Top Tips

For the last number of weeks we have been sharing the Zeeko Glossary on our social media channels. The Zeeko Glossary is a set of terms that offers parents a way of understanding the lingo that their children are using when they are communicating digitally. The terms are literally a whole new world! Parents and

The Digital Journey - Why Communicating with your Child is Key

Parenting constantly presents challenges; parenting in an era where children have access to a wide range of digital devices is a new experience for many parents. We regularly receive feedback from parents who attend our seminars and internet safety crash courses, that they are genuinely overwhelmed by the amount of online games, apps and social

How Having a Chatbudi can Help your Child Stay Safe Online

One of the most striking results from our recent Zeeko All Ireland Trend Report was the percentage of children who said that they had spoken to, or played against a stranger online: 54% of 6th class pupils, 46% of 5th class pupils and 42% of 4th class pupils have had contact with a stranger online. These

Children and Social Networking

Growing up in a digital age poses many challenges; the pressure to communicate via social networks at an earlier and earlier age is certainly one of these. The research from our Zeeko All Ireland Digital Trend Report found that 24% of 5th class pupils and 43% of 6th class pupils are users of Instagram. Snapchat