Being a good communicator means conveying information, ideas, thoughts, and feelings, effectively, and appropriately in various contexts and through different channels. Becoming a good communicator in early in life is essential for a student’s progression through education and professional careers. As with most things, the earlier students begin learning, the better.

Some critical aspects of being a good communicator:

  • Active Listening: Good communication involves not only speaking but also listening attentively to others. Good communicators practice active listening, which means giving their full attention to the speaker, understanding their perspective, and responding thoughtfully to what is being said.
  • Empathy: Good communicators are empathetic, meaning they can understand and appreciate the emotions, thoughts, and experiences of others. They communicate with sensitivity and consideration, taking into account the feelings and needs of their audience.
  • Confidence: Good communicators are confident in expressing themselves and their ideas. They speak with conviction, assertiveness, and self-assurance, while also being open to feedback and willing to engage in constructive dialogue.
  • Respect: Good communicators show respect for others by being polite, courteous, and considerate in their interactions. They communicate in a way that fosters mutual respect, trust, and collaboration.
  • Feedback: Good communicators actively seek and provide feedback to improve their communication skills. They are open to receiving constructive criticism and use it as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement.
Magical Leaders

The 21st Century Skills typically include critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and digital literacy. In a broad sense, The Magical Leaders programme incorporates both written and verbal communication skills. This includes presentations, writing assignments, and activities that require students to express their ideas and findings clearly. Let’s break these down a little bit more to give you a better understanding of how the Magical Leaders programme can enhance your students’ communication skills.

1.Presentations: Presentation skills are essential for building students’ confidence. Post-primary school presentations will become more common as they transition to secondary school, further education and working life. The Magical Leaders Programme helps students learn how to articulate themselves in a group or teamwork setting. One student will need to be the computer driver for the class and each team will need a dedicated presenter to present the findings for each of the groups participating.

2. Written Assignments: Students will learn how to present their findings in their groups through written work. Dissecting the programme as they navigate through the virtual world to complete various missions. Many questions will need to be interpreted, understood and answered throughout the activity.

3. Expressing Opinions: In some cases, to promote critical thinking, there is no right or wrong answer to the questions the students will be faced with. They are encouraged to think freely and express their thoughts and opinions with their team members. It allows space for differences in opinions to be expressed in a safe and controlled environment, teaching students how to express and manage their emotions when confronted with challenges.

4. Teamwork: The skills gained from working together are for the most part all the 21st Century skills. Working in teams requires students to communicate effectively with each other. They learn to listen actively, express their thoughts and ideas clearly, and provide constructive feedback to their peers. These communication skills are essential for academic success and future career readiness. The programme breaks the classroom up into groups allowing these skills to flourish.

5. Listening: By cultivating the ability to listen attentively, students can enhance their communication abilities, build positive relationships, think critically, and navigate the complexities of the modern world more effectively. The Magical Leaders Programme simply cannot be completed successfully without students listening and understanding each other.

Magical Leaders

Zeeko’s Magical Leaders programme is a peer-led programme that helps children develop 21st-century and transversal skills. The programme encourages your students to develop their leadership skills as they oversee leading the lessons. The programme is engaging, fun, and interactive! The Magical Leaders programme is designed with detailed lesson plans and instruction manuals included.

Funded by Enterprise Ireland, the programme is free to schools in Ireland. For more information, visit our website or contact the Zeeko Team today.

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