Kids nowadays are faced with so many rules; school rules, house rules, rules for their favourite sports,  the list go on and on. It can be overwhelming for them to remember every guideline they must adhere to, even though most are there for their safety and well-being. With that in mind, we are happy to introduce The Stop-Block-Tell code for kids. Think of it as a digital code of conduct, similar in principle to the Safe Cross Code. Kids find it really easy to remember and it equips them with simple but really useful tools to deal with any negativity they encounter online.

stop block tell

Stop – Don’t respond to negative or unwanted attention online – whether it’s in the form of comments, a photo uploaded or shared, inappropriate content or anything you find offensive. It could be directed at you or someone you know, but regardless, responding is only fueling the fire.Stop-Block-Tell Shield

Block – Almost all social media platforms, apps, websites and forums have a blocking feature. Familiarise yourself with this feature and don’t be afraid to use it if someone you don’t know is contacting you, or if a digital friend is behaving offensively or inappropriately.

Tell – Tell your ‘chatbudi’ about what is worrying or upsetting you. They can help you to deal with it in the most appropriate way. Your Chatbudi can also help you to take the necessary steps to prevent it happening again.


These messages are really simple, but they can help your cyberkid to deal with any negative encounters online. While you want to encourage open communication between them and their ‘chatbudi’ (whether it’s you or another adult), you also want to equip them with the right tools to deal with cyber issues for their entire digital life. Discuss the SBT Code with your cyberkid, put the posters and images up at home on the fridge or noticeboard and familiarise them with the simple steps involved and make it a well-known guideline in your home. That way, your child will be empowered to deal openly, safely and responsibly with any potential online threats.

Download the Chatbudi app here to enable your child to communicate safely, while you oversee their digital journey discreetly in the background. You can also visit our website and blog regularly to keep up with the current trends, and download our Digital Parenting guide here. It is full of helpful tips and advice for the Digital Parents and ‘chatbudies’ out there!