We’ve got your back


Over the past few months the Chatbudi team has been hard at work solving the problems Irish parents face with their children’s use of the Internet. We have road tripped across Dublin, to schools, shopping centres and sitting-rooms. We have had countless cups of tea with mums and dads and have had more jaw dropping moments that you’d imagine. We have visited classrooms and listened to the support children want from their parents in their social media, mobile and digital life. We have taken all of this insight and built Chatbudi Academy to give the digital mammies and daddies of Ireland a helping hand parenting their cyber kids.

Chatbudi began with the spark of fear every parent has when they instinctively feel the need to protect their children. As parents we relate to most of the things childhood throws at our families however, being a parent in the digital age brings new responsibilities. We need to learn about our kid’s online behaviour and how to best manage their relationship with the internet.Avatar with mortar board

This is where the Chatbudi Academy steps in. We have carefully designed a seminar for the digital parents of Ireland to help you raise your cyber-whippersnappers with peace of mind. We are offering schools across Ireland the opportunity to avail of the Chatbudi Academy – a crash course on digital parenting with all the hints and tips you need to protect your child online.

To sign up for Chatbudi Academy you need to be a parent, guardian or teacher of a child attending school in Ireland. Simply pop your name and number into the form, your child’s school and your contact details, and we will be in touch with you to arrange bringing Chatbudi Academy to your school. Sign your school up here