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Developing Digital Skills: A Key Way for Kids to Stay Safe Online

The interactive workshops that we deliver at Zeeko, in schools throughout Ireland are helping children to develop digital skills that help them stay safe online. We encourage the children and teenagers we meet to reflect on how they currently use the internet to interact with others. We also encourage them to develop the critical skills […]

Smartphones: Keeping your Child Safe

There has been lots of coverage recently about the proposed legislation by Fine Gael TD Jim Daly, that would see parents fined for not effectively controlling their children’s use of smartphones and could potentially see retailers fined for selling smartphones to children under the age of 14. It is yet to be seen whether this […]

Roblox: What Parents Need to Know

When we visit schools throughout the country delivering seminars to children, parents and teachers focusing on how to stay safe online, we hear on a weekly basis about the online world that an increasing number of children inhabit and it’s not just apps and messaging that interest kids. Websites that create a virtual reality world […]

Children and Smartphones: Keeping Kids Safe

One of the most common questions asked by parents at our parent seminars in schools throughout the country relates to what age is the right age to allow a child to have a smartphone? Smartphones can open up a whole new world to your child in very positive ways such as teaching them about using […]

Pokémon Go App: What Parents Need to Know

It’s the biggest gaming craze to hit the world in many years, it’s all over the internet and it has widespread appeal, it’s Pokémon Go. This online game has already become more popular than Twitter and Instagram. While it’s not yet available in Ireland, there appear to ways around that. Given its growing popularity, it […]

Social Media and Peer Pressure: How You Can Help Your Child

It is sometimes interesting to reflect on how modern childhood will be viewed in 30 years. It certainly will be remembered as very different from the childhoods of decades ago. A virtually erasable digital footprint, spending increasing amounts of time online and dealing with a whole new form of peer pressure that relates to social […]

Snapchat Parents Guide

  Snapchat is becoming increasingly popular among preteens and children. It is particularly popular app among children in fourth class and upwards. Essentially children can use Snapchat to send pictures and/or videos to their friends, who are also using Snapchat. The photo or video disappears in a chosen time between 1 and 10 seconds. Many […]


Tips on internet safety for kids! Did you know that if you innocently type in “Xxxxx” into your search browser you can be brought straight to sexually explicit material? We know this because a shocked parent told us at a recent Parents’ Crash Course how her 8-year-old landed on a set of explicit YouTube videos […]