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Managing the Storm that is Screentime!

As storm Lorenzo tracks towards Ireland, our blog this week looks at ways to tackle the ever-popular topic of screentime. The cause of stormy waters in many homes around the County! The reality is that in this digital age screens are everywhere. Children could potentially be spending time looking at a screen from the time […]

Managing Screentime over Chirstmas!

  Over the Christmas holidays it is likely that your family will be spending more time than usual on screens particularly if digital devises have been given as gifts! It’s a good idea to bear the following advice in mind, from The American Academy of Paediatrics, who in late 2016 released updated guidelines on screentime. […]

Zeeko Tips for Managing Screentime!

Screens, it seems like they are everywhere and managing their use, in particular by kids, can certainly be a challenge! Here are some tips from our team at Zeeko for managing screentime:   Be a good role model: If your child sees you constantly using digital devices and looking at screens, it’s likely they will […]