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Teamwork with the Magical Leaders

Teamwork emphasises the importance of collaboration, shared responsibility, and the collective achievement of goals. Teamwork is essential in school as it cultivates communication skills, promotes peer learning, and prepares students for future collaborative endeavours, fostering a supportive environment conducive to academic success and personal growth.How important is teamwork? Confidence Building: Successfully contributing to a team and […]

Becoming a good communicator with the Magical Leaders Progra...

Peer Led learning

Being a good communicator means conveying information, ideas, thoughts, and feelings, effectively, and appropriately in various contexts and through different channels. Becoming a good communicator in early in life is essential for a student’s progression through education and professional careers. As with most things, the earlier students begin learning, the better.Some critical aspects of being […]

Magical Leaders and 21st Century Skills

Magical Leaders is a peer-led education programme for 5th and 6th-class students, developed by Zeeko Education and supported by Enterprise Ireland. This innovative digital learning experience helps to teach and nurture 21st-century skills engagingly and interactively. Developed by educational specialists and teachers, Magical Leaders complements and enriches the new primary school curriculum by developing transferable […]