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Digital Assistants: Keeping Kids Safe

Are you being pestered to add a digital member to your household? Our blog this week looks at the role of digital assistants and how best to keep your child safe when it comes to using them. Digital assistants are a growing part of everyday life. These are better known by their titles, the most […]

Talking to Kids About Their Digital Footprint

  When we visit schools throughout the country to deliver our message about staying safe online, one of the topics kids struggle to grasp is that they are creating and leaving a digital footprint when they are online. Most kids, understandably, don’t think of the long-term implications of what they are sharing today i.e. that […]

How to Help your Child Identify Fake News!

In the wake of the Momo Challenge there has been lots of coverage about being able to identify what is a hoax online from what is real.  Developing the ability to decipher what is real from what is fake when it comes to online content is certainly a crucial skill, not only for children but […]

Zeeko Tips for Starting the Conversation About Staying Safe ...

Are you finding it a challenge to start having a conversation with your child about the importance of staying safe online? Have a read of our simple tips to help you get started! Open Communication is the key: The most effective tool you have as a parent is communication! By having an open communication style with […]

Make Staying Safe Online an All Year Round Resolution!

  Make staying safe online an all year round resolution by following these simple tips! Start and keep the conversation going: Talk to your child as much as possible about how important it is to stay safe when they are online. It is never too early to start this conversation. The internet is undoubtedly a […]

Helping Children Manage Screentime and Technology

With  the most recent findings of the Growing Up in Ireland Study showing that nearly a quarter of nine-year old’s have an online profile and that the time spent on screens is significantly impacting levels of exercise among kids, our blog this week offers tips on managing screentime and creating a balance in the use […]

The Zeeko T-Shirt Rule on Sharing Content: What Parents Need...

You may have heard your child talk about the T-Shirt rule, well you have Zeeko to thank for that!  When we visit schools all over Ireland to talk to kids about staying safe online, one of the topics that gets the biggest reaction is when we ask how careful children are, about what the kind […]

Digital Literacy: A Skill Every Child Should Acquire!

  It may sound like a buzz word, but digital literacy is in fact an incredibly important skill. When our research team attend European Conferences on internet safety, the importance of digital literacy is always stressed. Developing digital literacy skills is a key component of our newest product at Zeeko, Appyness Online.  So, what is […]

Fortnite: How to Help your Child Stay Safe

  Fortnite, it’s the gaming craze that shows no sign of fading. It is likely that your child wants to play or knows someone who is already playing. So, what can you do to help your child to stay safe if they play Fortnite? The main game focuses on a Save The World mode where […]

Why Digital Literacy is so Important for Kids

  It’s not so long ago since there was only one digital device in an office and it was unlikely that people had access to a computer at home. Now you would be forgiven for thinking that digital devices were always part of life! Developing the skills needed to operate in a world surrounded by […]