As parents, we can often feel on the back foot when it comes to keeping up with our children online. Kids are digital natives, whereas we can sometimes feel like trespassers in their digital world.That’s why we have developed our Parents Crash Course in Internet Safety!

We have drawn from our cutting edge research and our backgrounds in psychology, digital technology and social media to design a course tailored to the needs of parents. In a matter of hours, our crash courses will equip you with the knowledge and tools to protect your children online, regardless of your technical level.


  • Small group sizes – more individual learning
  • Midweek and weekend courses available – at times to suit you
  • Step-by-step tutorials with your own devices to implement appropriate safety settings
  • Covering cyberbullying, internet addiction, safety settings, social media, online gaming, inappropriate content and digital stranger danger
  • Catering for all capabilities
  • Designed with input from parents, kids and psychologists

Other Parents Experience

"All parents should do this course so as they stay one step ahead of their kids"

Anne - Margaret attended a Parent Crash Course in July

"I found the course very informative. I definitely want to be a proactive parent - thankfully I have time on my side for change"

Elaine attended a Parent Crash Course in July

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