Welcome behind the scenes at the Chatbudi HQ, an Irish Start-up developing a trusted, safe communication app for children.


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We have been inviting parents and kids to our office at the UCD Innovation Centre to share their digital parenting stories, fears and ambitions.

Everyday we turn over a new stone and learn more about the issues facing our cyber kids and their parents today.

We understand that parenting in the digital age is a difficult task, it is challenging to relate to our kids when we see them taking selfies on snapchat, screenshoting them, adding filters, generating hashtags and uploading them to Instagram in the blink of the eye.

We understand that parents struggle to protect their kids online because they don’t fully know how to.

At Chatbudi we strive to learn as much as possible about the problems facing our children Cape avataronline to safeguard them against digital threats.  We have built a solution to this online parenting challenge.

In order to move forward we need the help of parents to navigate our direction,  If you are a parent with a child in the age category of 8 – 12 we would truly value your support by signing up here to fill out a short survey. We will give your family free lifetime access to Chatbudi as a token of our appreciation for giving up your time.

We can ‘t imagine driving our children to school without buckling up their safety belt? Yet many of us deem it reasonable to allow our children surf the web or play online games with their virtual friends with no protection what so ever.

Let’s work together to make child safely online second nature and safeguard our kids against digital threats.