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Developing Digital Skills: A Key Way for Kids to Stay Safe Online

The interactive workshops that we deliver at Zeeko, in schools throughout Ireland are helping children to develop digital skills that help them stay safe online. We encourage the children and teenagers we meet to reflect on how they currently use the internet to interact with others. We also encourage them to develop the critical skills […]

Childhood Obesity and Technology: What Parents Can Do

The World Health Organisation has warned that the increased use of technology by children is leading to increased rates of obesity. The Report: Adolescent Obesity and Related Behaviours, looked at the prevalence of obesity among adolescents between the years 2002 and 2014. Almost two thirds of children were found to be spending more than 2 […]

Creating a Healthy Online, Offline Balance

  One of the biggest challenges facing both adults and children alike is trying to create a balance between time spent online and time spent away from the Internet. This can be quite a challenge! From our work with children in primary schools throughout Ireland we hear from them that they are sometimes not even […]