Helping parents and teachers to empower their children to protect themselves online


We are currently developing an appĀ to help you to introduce your children to the internet and to online communication in a controlled environment. The app will allow children to chat with their family members and friends that you have approved, in a safe manner. Parents can discretely oversee their child’s activity using the Parent Zone, while the Kid Zone has a child-friendly interface.

It will be available very soon, but in the meantime, please register your interest below.

Parent Zone

  • Peace of mind
  • Educational tool
  • Oversight of child’s activities, access time, messages and requests
  • Discrete, to allow your child a sense of independence and responsibility
  • Easy to use

Kid Zone

  • Child-friendly interface
  • No access without parental consent via Parent Zone
  • Guiding values to educate your child on safe and responsible internet usage
  • Easy to use

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