Differentiated Teaching and Formative Assessment


Pupil – Enable each student to reach their full potential

  • Increase student engagement.
  • Builds self-confidence in each child.
  • Better learning outcomes.

Teacher – Reduced workload

  • Automatically identifies students who need assistance.
  • Automatically screens for dyslexia.

Which classes?

1st to 6th class in primary school

How it works


  • Differentiated teaching for each student.
  • Methodology: Look, Say, Picture, Cover, Write, Check
    and Use.


  • Self-paced, students work independently.
  • Learning is based on a visual approach- identifying letter
    strings, mnemonics in words.
  • Spellings linked to writing and long-term memory.


  • Individualised formative assessment
  • Continuous long term memory test

What do I need to run the programme?

In the classroom or at home with a tablet or computer for each student, with an internet connection.

Developed with Dr Aidan Murphy, University College Dublin, Computer Science