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Online Gaming: Helping Kids Stay Safe

Online gaming is an area we hear regularly about from parents. They are genuinely concerned about what their children are experiencing and encountering when they are engaging in gaming online. So, what can parents do to help their kids stay safe if when they are gaming online? When it comes to any game your child […]

Make Staying Safe Online a Priority

  As Ireland’s lock down is extended for a further three weeks have a read of our tips for making staying safe online a priority conversation in your home during this challenging time. Start and keep the conversation going: Talk to your child as much as possible about how important it is to stay safe […]

Managing the Storm that is Screentime!

As storm Lorenzo tracks towards Ireland, our blog this week looks at ways to tackle the ever-popular topic of screentime. The cause of stormy waters in many homes around the County! The reality is that in this digital age screens are everywhere. Children could potentially be spending time looking at a screen from the time […]