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Viewing the Internet from a Parents Perspective

  As a parent of a child currently in primary school, it is likely that your child is more of a digital native than you are! As parents ourselves at Zeeko we are well aware of the concerns that many parents have about their child’s experience of the internet. The first thing to remember is

Using the Internet for Education with your Kids - The Do's and Don'ts

  A Report published by the OECD in September 2015, into the use of ICT in education, produced a finding that schools have yet to take advantage of the potential of technology in the classroom.( As a parent you can encourage your child to take advantage of technology to contribute to their learning. At Zeeko we


WHAT IS “STOP, BLOCK, TELL?” Everyone knows the Safe Cross Code right? It’s the shorthand for the rules for crossing the road, and it’s a great way to create not just an awareness of danger for young children, but it’s also great shorthand for a set of steps to safety. It’s got a catchy tune


The new film about the life of Steve Jobs gives us all an interesting reminder, in case we needed it, of the powerful impact on our world of one man. Steve Jobs’ innovative brain and vision brought us first the iPod, followed by the iPhone and the iPad. And our lives changed forever. Not only

Top 5 online Resources to increase your awareness of  cyber bullying and internet safety.

Cyber bullying and Internet safety! Internet safety is our central concern here at Zeeko, and cyber bullying is one of the top issues that arises in our seminars and advice sessions. We have all become more aware of bullying in schools, and rules are in place to help deal with that. And in recent years,


Tips on internet safety for kids! Did you know that if you innocently type in “Xxxxx” into your search browser you can be brought straight to sexually explicit material? We know this because a shocked parent told us at a recent Parents’ Crash Course how her 8-year-old landed on a set of explicit YouTube videos

Safety First

Children can easily stumble across adult advertising, sexually explicit images or violent content while online. This can be a frightening thought for parents. However, it is relatively easy to prevent by setting up safety settings on your child’s device. There is no technical solution that can 100% safeguard your child online but here are a couple

Digital Stranger Danger: When does this become a problem?

‘Talking Angela’ has become one of the focal points of Chatbudi Academy over the past few weeks. For those out there who haven’t had this story cross their radar, ‘Talking Angela’ is a child-friendly entertainment app. It is centred around a cat character, which the user plays with and talks to.   The app requests

Safely Social

Social media can be a minefield for parents. From Snapchat to Facebook, and Instagram to Tumblr, it can be hard to keep track of what platform does what, and often to keep tabs on which of these platforms your child is utilising. Whether you’re at the stage of considering allowing your child on social media,

Accidental, Angry and Real Cyberbullies – Spot the Difference

We all know and have heard of cyberbullying, and we know that this is a threat to our children online. However, as parents we don’t tend to think about the flipside to this – could my child be a cyberbully? We have spoken to children across Ireland about their behaviours online. When we ask a

It’s Official – We’re Launching the Chatbudi Challenge!

  As parents ourselves, we understand that it can be a challenge to introduce and instil new rules in your child, and digital safety rules are no different. We wanted to come up with a fun and interactive way to teach your child some of the basic rules for keeping safe online, and this is

What is Stop-Block-Tell?

Kids nowadays are faced with so many rules; school rules, house rules, rules for their favourite sports,  the list go on and on. It can be overwhelming for them to remember every guideline they must adhere to, even though most are there for their safety and well-being. With that in mind, we are happy to

What is a 'Chatbudi'?

One of our primary objectives when we are speaking to kids, parents and teachers is to encourage open communication on all things digital. Kids can often feel a little bit protective of their online identity, and can even sometimes be ashamed of some of their online behaviour. Encouraging your cyberkid to be open and honest

Need a crash course in Internet Safety for your cyberkids? Look no further...

We’ve got your back   Over the past few months the Chatbudi team has been hard at work solving the problems Irish parents face with their children’s use of the Internet. We have road tripped across Dublin, to schools, shopping centres and sitting-rooms. We have had countless cups of tea with mums and dads and

Great News: Chatbudi is now LIVE!

We can keep your kids safe online.. pass it on!

Welcome behind the scenes at the Chatbudi HQ, an Irish Start-up developing a trusted, safe communication app for children.   We have been inviting parents and kids to our office at the UCD Innovation Centre to share their digital parenting stories, fears and ambitions. Everyday we turn over a new stone and learn more about