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Safety First

Children can easily stumble across adult advertising, sexually explicit images or violent content while online. This can be a frightening thought for parents. However, it is relatively easy to prevent by setting up safety settings on your child’s device. There is no technical solution that can 100% safeguard your child online but here are a couple […]

Safely Social

Social media can be a minefield for parents. From Snapchat to Facebook, and Instagram to Tumblr, it can be hard to keep track of what platform does what, and often to keep tabs on which of these platforms your child is utilising. Whether you’re at the stage of considering allowing your child on social media, […]

What is a ‘Chatbudi’?

One of our primary objectives when we are speaking to kids, parents and teachers is to encourage open communication on all things digital. Kids can often feel a little bit protective of their online identity, and can even sometimes be ashamed of some of their online behaviour. Encouraging your cyberkid to be open and honest […]