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Zeeko Education Welcomes Cyber Safe Ireland 2017 Annual Report

Cyber Safe Ireland today released its 2017 Annual Report The Report highlights: 16% of children surveyed spent in excess of 4 hours online a day. 32% of children have either never spoken to their parents/ guardians about online safety or have not done so in the last year. Almost 70% of teachers surveyed reported that they do […]

Online Group Chats: How to Keep Your Child Safe

There was a time not too long ago when the only way to communicate was face to face. That’s most certainly not the case now. Given the hectic lives that people live the convenience of using messaging apps to communicate cannot be underestimated. When we visit schools throughout the country we hear from children and […]

The Lego Life App: What Parents Need to Know

Lego, it’s central to most childhoods and has certainly stood the test of time. Now Lego has embraced social networking, with the launch of the Lego Life app. The app has been developed for Android and iOS, to offer children the chance to freely express themselves and share ideas in a friendly environment, but what […]

Staying Safe Online Over The Christmas Holidays

As the Christmas holidays start in earnest this week, it is a good time to remind your children whether they are young or a little older about the importance of staying safe online over the next few weeks. It is highly likely that Santa is going to deliver smartphones and/or digital devices in all their […]

Dangerous Apps: What Parents need to Know

  Today’s parents are well aware of the dangers lurking on popular social media sites. We often read or hear horror stories about cyberbullies, online predators, and identity thieves. In response to these threats, many of us have followed our kids’ lead and joined the major sites and apps, like Facebook or Twitter, to keep […]

The Zeeko Glossary

We have talked about our Zeeko Glossary in our blog recently and have shared it on our social media platforms. It got such a great reaction we think it deserves a blog all of its own so here it is in full! #KidsSafeOnline Keep up to date with our work at Zeeko by following us […]

Screen Time and How to Manage It

Screen time, how much is too much and how to manage it, is a subject that is raised regularly by parents and teachers at our seminars in schools and our parent internet safety crash courses. With the growing number of screens that children now have access to, the time spent on screens can be a […]

The Zeeko Top 5 Internet Safety Tips to Mark Safer Internet Day 2016

You may have noticed a lot more information across the media yesterday about internet safety. This is because the 9th February 2016 marks Safer Internet Day, internationally. It is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of internet safety. Through our work with children in primary schools, our parent seminars and our internet safety […]

Every Primary School in Ireland will get a Digital Copy of the Zeeko Internet Safety Guide!

The first week in January 2016 was an exciting one for Zeeko, as we launched our crowdfunding campaign with a target of raising €5,000 to enable us to put a Digital copy of the Zeeko Internet Safety Guide, into every primary school in Ireland. We are absolutely delighted that we reached our target, within three […]

Buying Technology for Kids at Christmas

It’s the time of year when there is only one thing on the top of most children’s Christmas list and that is technology! Here is some advice from Zeeko on what to bear in mind if you are going to purchase a piece of technology for your child this Christmas. Make sure that the technology […]