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Challenge 2

On Skull Island your mission is to figure out how to effectively communicate with Sam. Help Soportar to discover the hidden phones and unlock the mission gamavator to teleport to level 3.

Don't forget to fill in your Mission Log, report back your mission progress to Soportar and Sammilit on Planet Spe.

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Access the resources

Access the resources

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Complete the activities

Complete the activities from the Mission Log below in your copy and share with Mission Control (your teacher)

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Teachers Notes

Teachers Notes Cover

Presenter/ Computer Drivers Sheets

Presenter & Computer Driver Sheets  Cover

Group Leaders Sheets

Group Leader Sheets  Cover

Pupils Sheets

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Venture Owner Overview

Bobby Healy

NAME: Bobby Healy

VENTURE: Manna Drones

UN SDG: 13 Climate Action

BACKGROUND: Bobby is the inventor and developer of Manna Drones. The drones are used to made local deliveries and is linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 ‘Climate Action’. ‘

Lesson 2 Video Assets

Lesson 2 Phone 2 Slide 3
Lesson 2 Phone 8 Slide 1
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Don't forget to send your work to Mission Control (your teacher).