Challenge 1

In the Snow Castle your challenge is to collect the 9 Venture Building Blocks. Help Soportar to discover the hidden phones and unlock the mission gamavator to teleport to challenge 2 - Skull Island.

Don't forget to write down your ideas on a piece of paper and report back to Soportar and Sammilit on Planet Spe on your challenge.


Access the resources

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Complete the activities from the Mission Log below in your copy and share with Mission Control (your teacher)


Learning Overview

Presenter/ Computer Drivers Sheets

Group Leaders Sheets

Pupils Sheets

Venture Owner Overview

NAME: Jack O Connor


UN SDG: 2 Zero Hunger

BACKGROUND: Jack provides a seed planter to farmers in Malawi. 'New Value Creation' is linked to United Nations Sustainable Goal number 2-Zero Hunger.

Lesson 1 Video Assets

Lesson 1 Phone 1 Slide 3
Lesson 1 Phone 8 Slide 1

Don't forget to send your work to Mission Control (your teacher).