During our seminars, interviews and surveys we’ve come across several questions about internet safety.

See if your questions are listed below, if it’s not, send us an e-mail and we will be happy to answer it.

The first rule is to be aware and proud of the photos you are taking. Snapchat, besides being a fun and cool app, it’s not 100% safe. The photos can be screenshot and there are even hacks (different apps) to save the snap without the sender being notified. Also, someone can take a picture of your snap with a second phone. So remember to be sure you are taking safe and positive photos.

You should make sure you are proud of your snapchat selfies as they can be screenshot and there are hacks to save the picture without the sender being notified (Using another phone to take a picture of a snapchat message).

In this case your photo will not be added to the photo map (which allows people to see other people’s photos that are nearby), however, if someone does come across your photo, your location can still be tagged and GPS coordinates available.

Although twitter does have the option to upload a photo as or alongside a tweet, its aim is for short messages to be posted. However, Instagram’s focus is on the photo.
Also on twitter people can retweet your posts and photos- but not on Instagram.

However, both are similar, both are engaging with your followers via posts. On twitter you might tell your followers what you had for dinner but on Instagram you might show them!

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