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Safer Internet Day 2019: Together for A Better Internet!

In case you missed the memo today marks Safer Internet Day 2019! The theme this year is Together for A Better Internet, it’s essentially a call to action to all stakeholders to come together and play their part in creating a better internet for everyone! Needless to say, we are fully behind this initiative! Anything […]

Screentime: The Research Proves it’s All About Balance!

    It’s likely you have seen coverage in the media in the last few days about a new angle on the management of screentime. It’s certainly one of the biggest challenges facing parents, how to manage their kids use of screens. It’s a question we are asked regularly when we meet parents at our […]

The Zeeko T-Shirt Rule on Sharing Content: What Parents Need...

You may have heard your child talk about the T-Shirt rule, well you have Zeeko to thank for that!  When we visit schools all over Ireland to talk to kids about staying safe online, one of the topics that gets the biggest reaction is when we ask how careful children are, about what the kind […]

The Challenge of Parenting in a Digital Age

  There are few who would deny that technology is having a huge impact on almost all elements of our lives. It is most definitely having an impact on parenting and is adding a new dimension to an already very challenging role. Many parents we meet through our work at Zeeko are overwhelmed by the […]