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Roblox: What Parents Need to Know

  When we visit schools throughout the country delivering seminars to children, parents and teachers focusing on how to stay safe online, we hear on a weekly basis about the online world that an increasing number of children inhabit and it’s not just apps and messaging that interest kids. Websites that create a virtual reality […]

The Kik App: What Parents Need to Know

  Sharing videos, images and messages via apps is fast becoming a new communication phenomenon among Irish children and teenagers. Kik is a new messaging app which allows users to chat and also share videos, images and content from the web in the form of a text message that does not have a limit on […]

Social Media: How to Keep Your Child Safe

  Social media, it seems to be everywhere! Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat there is always some new development or controversy making headlines about a social networking site or app. Through our work at Zeeko we often hear from parents who are overwhelmed by the amount of apps, games and social networking sites […]

Yellow App: What Parents Need to Know

  Yellow, to most people it denotes a colour but it is also an app, an app that there is much talk about and one that parents certainly need to be aware of. The Children’s Rights Alliance and the Special Rapporteur on Child Protection in Ireland made a statement recently on the Yellow App and […]

Dangerous Apps: What Parents need to Know

  Today’s parents are well aware of the dangers lurking on popular social media sites. We often read or hear horror stories about cyberbullies, online predators, and identity thieves. In response to these threats, many of us have followed our kids’ lead and joined the major sites and apps, like Facebook or Twitter, to keep […]

Pokémon Go App: What Parents Need to Know

It’s the biggest gaming craze to hit the world in many years, it’s all over the internet and it has widespread appeal, it’s Pokémon Go. This online game has already become more popular than Twitter and Instagram. While it’s not yet available in Ireland, there appear to ways around that. Given its growing popularity, it […]

Snapchat Parents Guide

  Snapchat is becoming increasingly popular among preteens and children. It is particularly popular app among children in fourth class and upwards. Essentially children can use Snapchat to send pictures and/or videos to their friends, who are also using Snapchat. The photo or video disappears in a chosen time between 1 and 10 seconds. Many […]

Top Tips for Keeping Your Family’s Digital Devices Safe

When we visit primary schools throughout Ireland to talk to children about staying safe online, we hear from them that they are using a range of devices to access the internet. Research from our recent Zeeko All Ireland Digital Trend Report found that 67% of third class pupils and 62% of fourth class pupils used […]

Children and Social Networking

Growing up in a digital age poses many challenges; the pressure to communicate via social networks at an earlier and earlier age is certainly one of these. The research from our Zeeko All Ireland Digital Trend Report found that 24% of 5th class pupils and 43% of 6th class pupils are users of Instagram. Snapchat […]