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A Digital Detox for Kids: How to Make it Happen!

  In a world surrounded by technology it is always a good idea to build in a regular digital detox and that’s not just for the younger members of the family! With all the demands on everyone’s time it can be real challenge to find the time to implement a detox of any kind. Here […]

Zeeko Tips for Staying Safe Online this Summer!

  It’s officially the start of summer, the school holidays start in just a few days! Let’s hope long sunny days lie ahead and along with the sun another thing can be guaranteed during the summer months, is that your child will want to spend some of their time using technology. So, here are some […]

Creating a ‘Digital Contract’ this Summer!

  Now that the summer holidays are almost upon us, children and teenagers will be out of their usual routine, which for the most part is a great thing. The summer is a time to relax and enjoy summer camps and spending time together with family and friends. However, the lack of a structure can […]

Screentime: Zeeko Tips for Managing it!

Screentime, it’s one of the most read topics on our blog! It’s the singular element of the digital world that affects both children and their parents, how to manage it and how to create a workable balance. The reality is that in this digital age screens are everywhere. Children could potentially be spending time looking […]

Profile of Dr. Marina Everri Head of Research at Zeeko

Our blog this week is an interview with the Head of Research at Zeeko Dr. Marina Everri. Appointed in September 2017 as a Horizon 2020 SME Innovation Associate, Marina is an Italian native who as you will see, has a wide and varied research background and is passionate about understanding the impact that technology is […]