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Teaching Teens about Digital Etiquette: Zeeko Tips

Helping your teenager to understand the importance of ‘digital etiquette’ is the focus of our blog this week. Here are some tips to you can pass on to your teen to help them to be more conscious of their online behaviour. Teach the “Grandma Rule”: As communication via social media becomes ingrained in our culture, […]

The Zeeko Digital Trend Report 2017: What Irish Kids are Doi...

  It is likely you have seen or heard coverage in the media this week of the findings of our most recent research at Zeeko, the findings reveal what Irish children are doing when they are online, their social media platforms of choice and what digital devices kids are using to interact with others, both […]

Sexting: What Parents Need to Know

  Our blog this week focuses on something that parents of teenagers can rightly be very concerned about; sexting. Sexting is the sending or receiving of sexually explicit or sexually suggestive messages, images or videos. Sexting  usually happens in a very immediate way via text, email, video, or instant messaging. Teenagers usually engage in sexting […]