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Getting Started on a Digital Detox this Mid-Term!

  With the mid-term break just around the corner our blog this week offers some tips for getting your kids started on a digital detox. In a world surrounded by technology it is always a good idea to build in a regular digital detox and that’s not just for the younger members of the family! […]

Tips for Raising Digitally Literate Kids

  One of the core principals of our work at Zeeko is to help kids to become good digital citizens, in other words to develop the skills to make smart choices when they are online and to know how to be savvy when they are operating in the digital world. These skills can also be […]

Social Networking: How to Keep your Child Safe!

  Are you constantly hearing reference to Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram and lots of other social networks from your child and their friends? It’s likely the answer is yes! If your child is active on any of these platforms, then they are engaged in what is termed social networking. Today’s kids embrace social media and technology, […]

Creating a Balance in the use of Technology

  Achieving a healthy balance in the use of technology is a challenge for children and adults alike. With growing public discourse in relation to the use of technology our blog this week offers advice on practical ways to create and maintain a balance when it comes to the use of technology with a particular […]

The Digital Age of Consent: It’s All About Education!

Our team at Zeeko were delighted to participate in the Government’s Open Policy Debate on Digital Safety which took place in Dublin on March 8th.  One of the main topics for discussion was the proposed introduction of a digital age of consent. The digital age of consent refers to age from which it is legal […]

Create, Connect and Share Respect: Safer Internet Day 2018!

  The theme for this year’s International Safer Internet Day was: Create Connect and Share Respect: A Safer Internet Starts with you. As the name suggests the aim of the day, which took place earlier this week is to encourage users of the internet, particularly young people to use the internet safely and responsibly. So […]

What do you Know About your Child’s Digital Life?

  When your child comes home from an extracurricular activity or spending time with friends it is highly likely that you ask them a few questions about how they got on. How often have you asked them about what they are doing when they are online? When we meet parents at our parent seminars in […]

Facebook Launch Messenger Kids: What You Need to Know

  Given the increasingly crowded market of messaging apps and the rush by social media companies to engage a younger and younger audience, it was only a matter of time before Facebook developed a messaging service for children under the age of 13. It was launched just last week in the US and will undoubtedly […]

Why is a Digital Detox so Important for Teens?

  Do you feel that your teenager seems to be always connected to a digital device? When we deliver our parent seminars in secondary schools throughout the country we regularly hear from parents that they have concerns about how much time their child is spending attached to and engaging with a digital device. When we […]