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How to Help Your Child Deal with Obscene Content Online

  We have all received emails with content that shocks us, be that it contains pornographic material or uses provocative images and language. As adults we have the maturity to be able to know when content is inappropriate or indeed sinister. Absolutely understandably children are still developing the skills to be able to differentiate between […]

Digital Literacy: A Skill Every Child Should Acquire!

  It may sound like a buzz word, but digital literacy is in fact an incredibly important skill. When our research team attend European Conferences on internet safety, the importance of digital literacy is always stressed. Developing digital literacy skills is a key component of our newest product at Zeeko, Appyness Online.  So, what is […]

Digital Assistants: What Parents Need to Know

Digital assistants are a growing part of everyday life. These are better known by their titles, the most popular of these being Siri, Amazon Echo and Google Home. So, what exactly is a Digital Assistant and what do you need to be aware of as a parent when it comes to keeping your child safe? […]

Why Digital Literacy is so Important for Kids

  It’s not so long ago since there was only one digital device in an office and it was unlikely that people had access to a computer at home. Now you would be forgiven for thinking that digital devices were always part of life! Developing the skills needed to operate in a world surrounded by […]

Why is a Digital Detox so Important for Teens?

  Do you feel that your teenager seems to be always connected to a digital device? When we deliver our parent seminars in secondary schools throughout the country we regularly hear from parents that they have concerns about how much time their child is spending attached to and engaging with a digital device. When we […]

Developing Digital Skills: A Key Way for Kids to Stay Safe O...

  The interactive workshops that we deliver at Zeeko, in schools throughout Ireland are helping children to develop digital skills that help them stay safe online. We encourage the children and teenagers we meet to reflect on how they currently use the internet to interact with others. We also encourage them to develop the critical […]