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Age Ratings on Games: What You Need to Know

  As the build up to Christmas creeps up on everyone, you may be aware of an increase in talk about what console and/or PC games your child may want as a gift this year. Our blog this week looks at the age ratings on games and offers advice on keeping your child safe if […]

Children and Online Gaming: How to Keep your Child Safe!

Does your child like to spend time playing games online? Are you considering buying some online games for your child this Christmas? Children may start playing using a smartphone, Tablet, or iPhone and then move on to the digital devices that have become household names. Devices, like the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and the Nintendo Wii are designed […]

Games Consoles: How to Keep your Child Safe

  It’s very likely that there is a games console in your home, or that of a cousin or a friend. They have developed hugely over recent years from simple handheld devices to more interactive consoles. These devices, like the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii and WiiU, are designed to work with a TV. Consoles like these are capable […]

Online Gaming: The Changing Face of Childhood

    The way that children play is changing. Instead of spending time playing face to face, children of all ages are spending time playing games online. Along with the obvious challenges of managing screentime where gaming is concerned, there are other things that children and parents need to bear in mind when playing games […]