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Teaching your Child about their Digital Footprint

  During this time when we are all being asked to #stayhome and #staysafe to help to stop the spread of Covid-19 it may be a good time to teach your child about the concept of their digital footprint and how important their digital footprint is for them now and in the future. If you […]

The Importance of Explaining Digital Footprint to your Child

As World Mental Health Day was marked earlier this week our blog focuses on the importance of teaching kids about the long-term implications of their digital footprint for every aspect of their health and in particular their mental health. If you asked a group of adults what they understand by the term digital footprint it’s […]

Talking to Kids About Their Digital Footprint

  When we visit schools throughout the country to deliver our message about staying safe online, one of the topics kids struggle to grasp is that they are creating and leaving a digital footprint when they are online. Most kids, understandably, don’t think of the long-term implications of what they are sharing today i.e. that […]

The Digital Age of Consent: It’s All About Education!

Our team at Zeeko were delighted to participate in the Government’s Open Policy Debate on Digital Safety which took place in Dublin on March 8th.  One of the main topics for discussion was the proposed introduction of a digital age of consent. The digital age of consent refers to age from which it is legal […]

Digital Footprint: What your Child Needs to Know

  The online world and its impact on children and teens is only being explored at the moment. It will undoubtedly be some years before the full extent and impact of the all-encompassing use of technology will be fully understood. One area that we see regularly through our work at Zeeko is children’s and teens […]

Explaining their Digital Footprint to your Child

  Digital footprint- it’s a relatively new concept but an increasingly important one. People’s digital footprint can have a significant impact on areas like career progression and general areas of personal privacy. This goes for adults and children alike. The full impact of digital footprint is only now beginning to be researched and it will […]