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Getting Started on a Digital Detox this Mid-Term!

  With the mid-term break just around the corner our blog this week offers some tips for getting your kids started on a digital detox. In a world surrounded by technology it is always a good idea to build in a regular digital detox and that’s not just for the younger members of the family! […]

Helping your Child to Deal with Cyberbullying

Just last week the Garda Siochana released a video offering advice on how to deal with cyberbullying. Unfortunately, the cyber element to bullying is a growing concern for parents and schools. There was a time when bullying was confined to face to face interaction. With the growing use of digital communication, the cyber element to […]

Creating a Digital Contract with your Kids

  A digital contract can be a really great way of working collaboratively with your child to help them achieve a balance in their use of technology. Here are some things to bear in mind when creating a digital contract. -Make it a fun activity: Obviously the reasons you are creating a digital contract as […]

Screentime: Zeeko Tips for Managing it!

Screentime, it’s one of the most read topics on our blog! It’s the singular element of the digital world that affects both children and their parents, how to manage it and how to create a workable balance. The reality is that in this digital age screens are everywhere. Children could potentially be spending time looking […]

Why is a Digital Detox so Important for Teens?

  Do you feel that your teenager seems to be always connected to a digital device? When we deliver our parent seminars in secondary schools throughout the country we regularly hear from parents that they have concerns about how much time their child is spending attached to and engaging with a digital device. When we […]

How Kids are Exposed to Terrorism on Social Media

    Our blog this week is written by guest blogger Beatrice Cadet. An International security  and Psychology student, Beatrice is passionate about child safety and tech. Currently living in France, she has also lived in Spain and California, working for start-up companies. She joined our team at Zeeko as a Strategy consultant in June […]

Back to School: Be sure to Pack Internet Safety in your Chil...

  It is officially the end of summer, as primary and second level pupils return to school. This can be a good time of the year to revisit a conversation about staying safe online with your child, individually and as a family. The start of school marks a return to routines and a level of […]

Helping your Child Stay Grounded when using Social Networkin...

  A survey of over one thousand young people aged 14 to 24 has found that Instagram is the worst social media site in terms of its impact on the mental health of young people. The #StatusofMind survey conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health, found the photo-sharing app negatively impacted on people’s body […]

Zeeko Top Tips for Staying Safe when Sharing Videos and Phot...

  Video and photo sharing online are a very popular way for teenagers in particular to communicate with their friends. Usually sharing begins with photos and then moves on to videos. From our work in primary and secondary schools throughout the country we know that parents concerns grow as their children become more familiar with […]