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Digital Literacy has Never Been so Important

There is no doubt that this period of lock down has highlighted the importance of connection within families and communities and technology has played a big part in establishing and maintaining that contact. It’s going to be increasingly important that kids are what we term digitally literate in the years ahead. One of the core […]

Being Digitally Literate is a Must for Kids

  For all the negative press the online world receives it is very important that kids are digitally literate and feel empowered to make informed choices to help them stay safe when they are online. One of the key principals of our work at Zeeko is to help kids to become good digital citizens, in […]

Tips for Raising Digitally Literate Kids

  One of the core principals of our work at Zeeko is to help kids to become good digital citizens, in other words to develop the skills to make smart choices when they are online and to know how to be savvy when they are operating in the digital world. These skills can also be […]

7 Benefits of Coding for Kids and Students

  Coding is becoming increasingly popular among Irish children. Have a read of this guest article by Holly Clark from US based Codakid.com on the benefits of coding!  For kids to appreciate how the modern technology operates, there is a need to introduce them to coding. Most kids are living in a world where technology […]

Digital Literacy: A Skill Every Child Should Acquire!

  It may sound like a buzz word, but digital literacy is in fact an incredibly important skill. When our research team attend European Conferences on internet safety, the importance of digital literacy is always stressed. Developing digital literacy skills is a key component of our newest product at Zeeko, Appyness Online.  So, what is […]

Fake News: Helping Your Child Identify It!

  Throughout our work at Zeeko we promote the importance of the development of digital skills as a way of helping children to make smart choices and stay safe when they are online. Developing the ability to decipher what is real from what is fake when it comes to online content is certainly a crucial […]

Why Digital Literacy is so Important for Kids

  It’s not so long ago since there was only one digital device in an office and it was unlikely that people had access to a computer at home. Now you would be forgiven for thinking that digital devices were always part of life! Developing the skills needed to operate in a world surrounded by […]