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Put Online Safety First if you’re Buying Tech for Kids!

With many online retailers offering discounts on technology at the moment our blog this week offers some tips on putting online safety top of your list. Digital devices can be a great gift but it’s important to always be conscious of the age appropriateness of such a device and also the messages you need to […]

Age Ratings on Online Games: What Parents Need to Know

  As you have probably seen in the media recently, our team at Zeeko released results of research we conducted that found that 1 in 3 boys aged 8 are playing over 18’s online games. It’s certainly a scary statistic. In light of these findings here is some useful information on age ratings on games. […]

Zeeko Top Tips to Keep the Whole Family Safe Online!

  Given the recent findings from the Growing Up in Ireland Study that almost a quarter of nine-year olds in the country have an online profile, have a read of our Zeeko Top Tips to help keep the whole family safe online! Use technology in communal spaces: We know that this is not always possible […]

Catfishing: What Parents Need to Know

  Catfishing, it’s a phrase that most people associate with the hit MTV Show ‘Catfish’. In terms of online safety catfishing is a serious concern in particular for the parents of teenagers. Our most recent research at Zeeko found that, students in secondary school had more contacts with strangers online, specifically: 50% of male and […]

The Digital Age of Consent: It’s All About Education!

Our team at Zeeko were delighted to participate in the Government’s Open Policy Debate on Digital Safety which took place in Dublin on March 8th.  One of the main topics for discussion was the proposed introduction of a digital age of consent. The digital age of consent refers to age from which it is legal […]

3 Things You Should Discuss About Cybersecurity with Your Ki...

  Our guest blogger this week is Daniel Sherwin, a single dad raising two children. At DadSolo.com, he aims to provide other single dads with information and resources to help them better equip themselves on the journey that is parenthood. Most parents consider keeping their kids safe online a top concern. Yet, with all the […]