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How to Stay in Touch with What Kids are Doing Online!

Do you regularly wonder what your kids, particularly teenagers are doing when they are online? Do you find it challenging to keep up with what children are doing when they are online? These concerns are totally understandable as parents lead increasingly busy and demanding lives. It can undoubtedly be a juggling act to keep on […]

Being Digitally Literate is a Must for Kids


  For all the negative press the online world receives it is very important that kids are digitally literate and feel empowered to make informed choices to help them stay safe when they are online. One of the key principals of our work at Zeeko is to help kids to become good digital citizens, in […]

Make 2020 the Year Online Safety is your Priority!


  It’s a new year and a time when there’s lots of talk about resolutions and changing or breaking habits. Here are some easy to follow tips for helping to make staying safe online a year-round resolution! Start and keep the conversation going: Talk to your child as much as possible about how important it […]

Kids and Tech at Christmas: Creating a Balance!


As the Christmas edges ever closer  it’s a good time to remind your children whether they are young or a little older about the importance of staying safe online over the next few weeks. It is highly likely that Santa is going to deliver smartphones and/or digital devices in all their different forms to homes […]

Age Ratings on Games: What You Need to Know


  As the build up to Christmas creeps up on everyone, you may be aware of an increase in talk about what console and/or PC games your child may want as a gift this year. Our blog this week looks at the age ratings on games and offers advice on keeping your child safe if […]

The Role Parents Play in Keeping Kids Safe Online.


This week there has been lots of conversations nationally about the importance of kids staying safe online and the role of parents in helping to protect them. Here we offer advice on the absolute importance of having regular conversations with your children about the power of the internet. Open Communication is the key: The most effective […]

Keeping Kids Safe Online: Our Advice to Parents


We are often asked what advice we would offer to parents when it comes to talking to their kids about staying safe online. Well, our blog this week offers the insights we have gleaned from our work, on helping kids to stay safe online. The first thing we tell children and teens we meet when […]

Teaching Kids to be Smart when it comes to Social Networking


Is your child spending time on apps like Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram?  If your child is active on any of these platforms, then they are engaged in what is termed social networking. Many kids now embrace social media and technology, often, as their primary means of communication and entertainment. So, what can you do to […]

Back to School: Remember the Online Safety Rules!


  It’s unbelievable that the summer is coming to a close and schools starts for the majority of students over the next week or so. We hope you have had a great summer and our team look forward to meeting students, teachers and parents in schools all over Ireland during the course of the coming […]

Keeping the Conversation on Staying Safe Online Going!


  As a return to school moves ever closer the Zeeko blog is back! This week our blog looks at the best ways to keep the conversation about staying safe online going. This can be particularly challenging at a time of transition such as the period between the end of the long summer holidays and […]