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Put Online Safety First if you’re Buying Tech for Kids!

With many online retailers offering discounts on technology at the moment our blog this week offers some tips on putting online safety top of your list. Digital devices can be a great gift but it’s important to always be conscious of the age appropriateness of such a device and also the messages you need to […]

Kids and Smartphones: Is there an Appropriate Age?

  With technology being all around us it is inevitable that your child will at some point ask you, or pester you, to get their own smartphone. It’s one of the most common questions we get asked by parents. What age is the right age for a child to have a smartphone? Smartphones can undoubtedly […]

Young Children and Tablets: Educational Apps that can Foster...

  Our blog this week is written by guest blogger Dr. Marina Everri who is the Head of Research with Zeeko.  There is no doubt that screen devices such as smartphones and tablets are extremely attractive for the small hands and growing brains of young children: touchscreen function, animations, bright colours, sounds, all in one […]

Is there a ‘right’ Age for a Child to have a Smartphone?

  It’s one of the most common questions we get asked by parents. What age is the right age for a child to have a smartphone? Smartphones can undoubtedly open a whole new world to your child in very positive ways such as teaching them digital skills and new ways to use technology to communicate. […]

WhatsApp: Keeping your Teen Safe

  As WhatsApp announce that they have been hacked and ask users to update the app we look at what you need to do to make sure that your child stays safe if they use WhatsApp to message their friends. WhatsApp has revolutionised online messaging, little doubt of that. The app, which allows users to […]

Make Staying Safe Online an All Year Round Resolution!

  Make staying safe online an all year round resolution by following these simple tips! Start and keep the conversation going: Talk to your child as much as possible about how important it is to stay safe when they are online. It is never too early to start this conversation. The internet is undoubtedly a […]

Technology at Christmas: Keeping your Child Safe!

  As the Christmas season is now in full swing it’s a good time to remind your children whether they are young or a little older about the importance of staying safe online over the next few weeks. It is highly likely that Santa is going to deliver smartphones and/or digital devices in all their […]

A Digital Detox for Kids: How to Make it Happen!

  In a world surrounded by technology it is always a good idea to build in a regular digital detox and that’s not just for the younger members of the family! With all the demands on everyone’s time it can be real challenge to find the time to implement a detox of any kind. Here […]

Tips for Managing Smartphone Use by Kids

  Smartphones are now seen as an almost essential component in the way we communicate with each other and the world around us, and that’s just for the adults! An increasing number of children now have access to a range of digital devices including smartphones. Whether that is spending time using a parent’s smartphone or […]

Teaching Kids to be Careful of What they Share Online

We all know that feeling of wanting to share some exciting news with our friends and family, when you are ‘bursting to tell’ someone something, well kids often feel like that about sharing information online. The obvious and important difference with the online element of things is, of course, safety. What are the things you […]