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Teens and Screens: Creating a Balance

The term ‘screenager’ is becoming increasingly common and it’s not hard to see why. The amount of screens that young people have access to in their everyday life is huge. With a growing number of schools using technology like iPads and Tablets as part of the educational experience, teens can spend a huge amount of […]

Children and Technology: Setting Boundaries

From our most recent research for our All Ireland Digital Trend Report, we discovered that children as young as 5 spend some time online every day. This means that technology is a central part of childhood, at an increasingly young age. How to manage the time children spend online can be a constant challenge for […]

Managing Screentime Over the Summer

Screentime, it can be a challenging topic to deal with as it is the one area that affects both parents and children when it comes to staying safe online and creating a healthy online, offline balance. Even as adults it can be difficult to manage our screentime and to set a limit on it as […]

Creating a Healthy Online, Offline Balance

  One of the biggest challenges facing both adults and children alike is trying to create a balance between time spent online and time spent away from the Internet. This can be quite a challenge! From our work with children in primary schools throughout Ireland we hear from them that they are sometimes not even […]

Ensuring Your Child is Safe Online When they are not Under Your Supervision

One of the questions we are asked most regularly at our parent seminars relates to how parents can ensure that their child is safe online, when they are not at home or under parents supervision. This is definitely a challenge and is certainly a concern. The opportunities for children to access inappropriate content or potentially […]