Helping parents and teachers to empower their children to protect themselves online

Internet Safety Guide

Zeeko provide resources for parents, teachers and schools to empower their children with the tools to protect themselves online.

The Zeeko Internet Safety Guide will help parents and teachers navigate the internet and teach their children how to use the internet responsibly. They will find out how to protect their children online and get peace of mind.

Discover how to:

  • Set safety settings
  • Protect your child’s digital footprint
  • Talk your kid’s language
  • Protect against cyberbullying and stranger danger
  • Defend against excessive internet use
  • Safeguard against inappropriate content

Dr Grainne Kirwan IADT Dublin, specialist in Cyber Psychology, “The Zeeko Internet Safety Guide provides tangible and specific advice on how parents, teachers, and others can protect children online, without unnecessarily impairing children’s development.”