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Staying Safe Online Over the Summer Holidays

As the summer holidays are about to get into full swing we thought it would be a good idea to take this opportunity to remind you of the Zeeko top tips for staying safe online. The summer is rightly, a time when routines are less strict, when children are involved in summer camps and an […]

Instagram: What Parents Need to Know

Instagram, a video and photo sharing app is becoming increasingly popular among young and older teens. During our parents seminars which we deliver at primary schools throughout the country we are regularly asked questions about Instagram. Parents are most concerned about what their child is sharing via Instagram and who they are sharing that content […]

How to Spot the Signs of Cyberbullying

  Cyberbullying and its continued rise is a growing concern to parents and teachers throughout the country. Ireland’s Special Rapporteur on Child Protection, Dr Geoffrey Shannon has recently said that cyberbullying is ‘one of the biggest challenges facing Irish schools’ and has called for stronger legislation to protect children in relation to this specific type […]

Snapchat Parents Guide

  Snapchat is becoming increasingly popular among preteens and children. It is particularly popular app among children in fourth class and upwards. Essentially children can use Snapchat to send pictures and/or videos to their friends, who are also using Snapchat. The photo or video disappears in a chosen time between 1 and 10 seconds. Many […]

The Bystander Effect and Staying Safe Online

    Have you ever seen an incident or accident when you’re out shopping and thought that somebody else would deal with it? Well, essentially this is the bystander effect. Everybody thinks someone else is going to act. Increasingly, the bystander effect is playing a large role in how children communicate when they are online. […]

How Having a Chatbudi can Help your Child Stay Safe Online

One of the most striking results from our recent Zeeko All Ireland Trend Report was the percentage of children who said that they had spoken to, or played against a stranger online: 54% of 6th class pupils, 46% of 5th class pupils and 42% of 4th class pupils have had contact with a stranger online. These […]


WHAT IS “STOP, BLOCK, TELL?” Everyone knows the Safe Cross Code right? It’s the shorthand for the rules for crossing the road, and it’s a great way to create not just an awareness of danger for young children, but it’s also great shorthand for a set of steps to safety. It’s got a catchy tune […]

Top 5 online Resources to increase your awareness of  cyber bullying and internet safety.

Cyber bullying and Internet safety! Internet safety is our central concern here at Zeeko, and cyber bullying is one of the top issues that arises in our seminars and advice sessions. We have all become more aware of bullying in schools, and rules are in place to help deal with that. And in recent years, […]